Web Presence

There are several steps to establishing a web presence. Some of these may seem silly, but you’ll be surprised by how many people miss them.

The first is to establish your goals for your website. Do information do you want to publish? What are your products and/or services? Who is your target audience — existing customers, new customers? What information do you wish to highlight? Do you have marketing goals and how would you like the website to support them?

The second is to come up with a look and feel for the site that you believe represents you. Are you a small company that offers very personal and personalized service? Is your product (or service) home-spun and folksy, simple and elegant, or rich and ornate? Whatever it is, your site design should reflect those values while being easy to navigate.

The third is would you like to integrate your website with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc? Would you like to have advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google to promote your business? Would you like tools for assessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Would you like your site and content optimized for search engines?

There are lots of very talented web designers who will build you a great website. There are also lots of hosting companies that will run your website for you. There are also many internet marketing consultants that will help you with your various campaigns. There are very few, however, that offer one stop shopping for all three.