Managing Your Own Website: “Look Ma, No Hands!”

Getting a website for your business is one thing. Maintaining it by adding new content, promoting it, and using it to really support your business is another.

Today, in order to really have your website be ranked by Google and other search engines it needs to be updated frequently (on a weekly basis or more). It also needs to be optimized for search engines – a whole different story. Your site also likely needs to be worked on by someone who isn’t super technology savvy  — e.g. yourself — or a small team of people. It needs to look friendly, present your image, the list goes on. This is challenging for the average small business to do.

So, let make it simple: instead of getting a static website, a shingle on the web, consider using a Blog or Content Management System that you can maintain yourself.

Static Websites

Let’s start with the basics. Back in the day (and I am talking the 1990s) it used to be enough just to have a static web site. A static website is a collection of web pages that describe your businesses, products, services, etc. There are a bunch of companies that still offer them: $500 for five pages, hosted for a year, for example. The pages were changed relatively infrequently, there was typically one person who managed and maintained the site, and that was … that.

The challenge with a static website is that if you either add information content to your site frequently, or you have more than one person adding information to your site, coordinating all of the details becomes a nightmare! Even though there are tools like iWeb (for Macs) that I think are superb, static websites end up being unwieldy and painful to manage as you keep adding content. Further, when you try to tie into social networking, etc., the process becomes an utter disaster the eventually ends up with the site being left to gather dust.